Accounts Receivable

Accounts ReceivablesBoost Your Cash Flow With Accounts Receivable Financing

As a business owner, you realize that waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to receive payment from your clients can seriously impede your cash flow. Fortunately, at GDP Capital Partners, we have a viable solution. When you take advantage of our accounts receivable financing program, we can buy your invoices at a discount and provide you with immediate funding.

Reasons to Finance Your Receivables

Financing receivables is a beneficial option for many types of businesses for several different reasons. For example, when you finance your receivable accounts:

  • You no longer have to deal with arbitrary loan board decisions
  • You can receive capital from us in a 24-hour time period
  • You do not have to make fixed payments back to us

Most importantly, by financing your receivables, you can spend less time worrying about making your clients pay you, and more time focusing on your company’s operations.

How to Use the Funding

How you use the capital you obtain through our accounts receivable financing program is entirely up to you. However, we recommend using it to successfully respond to seasonal demands and opportunities within your industry, buy needed inventory in bulk, take on new, larger accounts confidently, or fund your business operations. To find out more about this funding solution and how it works, please contact us at GDP Capital Partners today.